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Gold Museum Full-price Ticket

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The Gold Museum is housed in the former offices of a mining company, Taiwan Metal Mining Co. It fully displays local mining history and how people lived at the time.

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The Taiwan Tourist Shuttle passes the mountain area of Jiufen and Jinguashi on the way to Gold Museum, the mountain town stretching up the hillside on one side and the beautiful sea with ever-changing colors on the other. The horizon becomes broader as the bus makes a turn, the scenery alone is worth the ride.

The Gold Building was the former Office of Mining; the most approachable exhibition objects are mining tools, daily appliances, dishes, letters and documents from the Japanese Occupation Period and Taiwan Gold & Copper Mining Company period; these exhibits reveal the picture of old mining life. Also, the 999K gold brick that weighs 220 kg will definitely give you an unforgettable memory. 

It is thought that the Four Joined Japanese-Style Residence were built in 1930 by the Japanese Mine Company as a dormitory, each unit has individual living room, bed room, kitchen, restroom and gardens; the red brick and black tiles create a unique architecture  scene in the mountain town of Jinguashi. 

The Gold Refining Building used to be called the “club,”  and provided miners with recreational activities. On the outdoor observation deck, one will be able to overlook Keelung Mountain, Teapot Mountain, and Benshan Mountain in the Jinguashi area.

The most exquisite building in the museum would have to be the Crown Prince Chalet. Secluded amidst lush trees, the fusion of traditional Japanese Shoindukuri architecture and western styles was the trendiest style of Japanese-Western Eclectic Architecture when it was built.

The Museum recreates the memories of old times with activities that allow visitors to experience miners’ hard work in the dark tunnels, along with wax figures vividly showing the process of mining. (extra payment required to enter)

The museum recreates life at the time,stopping visitors  in their tracks to savor the beautiful times of the past hiding quietly in every corner.




Take Taiwan Tourist Shuttle Gold-Fulong Line and get off at Gold Museum Stop to arrive. It’s also convenient to stop by at Jiufen when returning!

(Source: Partially from NTPC Travel Website)

Use instruction

  • Enter after a staff member has swiped your QR CODE and get the hand stamp to enter the Four Joined Japanese-Style Residence, Environmental Building, Gold Refining Building, Jin-shuei Special Exhibition Hall and Gold Building.
  • Examination of hand stamp is necessary before enter the building. Please cooperate with staff.


  • This ticket is only valid for Four Joined Japanese-Style Residence, Metal Art Building, Gold Refining Building, Jin-shuei Special Exhibition Hall and Gold Building. Other paid experience activities in the museum area are excluded.
  • Open Hour: Mon. to Fri. 9:30-17:00(Last entrance at 16:30); Sat. to Sun 9:30-18:00(Last entrance at 17:30)
  • Closed on the first Monday of every month, the next day of national holidays, Chinese New Year’s Eve, Chinese New Year’s Day, natural disasters day off announced by the government. Please visit the official website for more details.
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